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Student Equipment Loans: Laptops and WiFi Hotspots

Equipment Loans

When you borrow items from the library, you will receive a due date in your BTC email and/or printed receipt. Return all equipment within four days of the due date to continuing to have borrowing privileges for loaner equipment, avoid late fines and avoid holds on your student account. Instructions and reminders are sent to your BTC email. To extend the due date and keep equipment longer, you must complete the renewal process, this is sent to your BTC email and outline on the library FAQ. Loan extensions and renewals are not always available. 

Fines and Late Equipment

Equipment returned late and/or damaged are subject to fines.

  • If equipment is not returned within 4 days, you will be charged late fees at a cumulative rate of $5.00 a day from the original due date. A fee and hold will be placed on your student account that will prevent the release of transcripts, registration and may prevent graduation until equipment is returned. The hold can only be removed after the equipment is returned. 

  • If equipment is not returned within 10 days, you may lose the privilege to borrow loaner equipment in the future.  You will be required to speak to a library supervisor to re-instate equipment borrowing privileges and pay the late fee.  

  • If equipment is not returned within 20 days of the due date, you will be charged the replacement item/s cost of the loaner equipment in addition to a maximum $150 late fine.  A final bill will be mailed to you. If equipment is not returned or replacement cost is not paid, your account will be referred to collections which may garnish your wages and/or your tax return. 

  •  If the equipment and/or accessories are returned damaged, or software/hardware has been tampered with, the appropriate repair or replacement costs will be charged. 

Returning Equipment at Other Campus Locations

Returns equipment to Monroe, AMTC, Center for Transportation Studies. 

  1. Contact your preferred campus location and set-up an appointment time to return equipment: 

  • Monroe, call to set an appointment: 608) 328-1660 

  • Advanced Manufacturing Training Center (Milton) call to set an appointment: (608) 757-7628